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Our Solutions


Sierra7 has extensive experience and a proven track record developing and deploying technology solutions that modernize our client’s processes, improve their operations, secure their information, and deliver to their constituents. A tested and proven expert in DevSecOps, Cyber, and Infrastructure, Sierra7 provides cutting edge technology services, solutions, and processes that distinguish our federal clients as leaders in technology adoption.

The Sierra7 Difference:

Sierra7 puts service and quality first, ensuring that the technology solution is not just effective and revolutionary but that it also meets the needs of the organization. With years of experience serving VA and government agencies, Sierra7 defines the needs of each organization and tailors technology solutions to meet each agency’s mission.

Products and Solutions

Sierra7 is a proven provider of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products and technical solutions for our clients. Our vast experience and partnerships with technology product vendors and solution providers provides unsurpassed quality and support and innovation to our federal clients.

The Sierra7 Difference:

Sierra7 provides critical expertise and a mission-oriented approach to implement and sustain the latest industry products and solutions. As we leverage existing relationships and forge new partnerships with our technology partners, we do so with a passion to deliver to our clients. Sierra7 provides the critical connective tissue between government clients and industry leaders in technology and solutions development.

Consulting and Analytics

Sierra7 supports VA, DoD, and other federal agencies with an array of program management and acquisition solutions to accomplish their goals on time and within budget. Our capabilities include strategic planning, data analysis, revenue cycle management, scheduling, oversight, quality assurance, and risk management. Sierra7 provides tailored support to identify our client’s capability needs, document their requirements, and develop quality solutions that advance their mission.

The Sierra7 Difference:

Sierra7 prioritizes our client’s mission to deliver data-driven solutions that meet their operational objectives. From logistics and engineering to personnel management, we draw on our expertise and experience to provide complete program management solutions. We are passionate about developing quality products and innovative solutions for our clients.

Citizen Engagement

Sierra7 is an innovative non-clinical healthcare services partners of VA and other federal agencies that develops and supports healthcare information management and security. From operations and maintenance of the world’s largest healthcare delivery system to the development of electronic health files, we provide solutions to help healthcare organizations lower operating costs, improve outcomes, and modernize care capabilities.

The Sierra7 Difference:

Sierra7 brings specialized skills, knowledge, and experience to design medical support services that elevate the experience of providers and their patients. We strive to provide our clients with healthcare IT solutions that meet their needs while ensuring operational efficiencies and quality patient care.

Technology Partnerships

Sierra7’s innovative approach to leverage and deploy solutions from world leaders in technology and application development, like Amazon, Oracle, McAfee, Palo Alto Networks, ServiceNow, and others, is driven by our dedication to serving our clients. Sierra7 is committed to delivering the best technology, products, solutions, and services to government agencies and their constituents.

The Sierra7 Difference:

Sierra7 is a proven and effective partner for industry innovators interested in providing their services to federal agencies. Sierra7 provides years of government experience to tailor and implement solutions to meet the needs of their clients.

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