GSA Schedule 70

As the largest and most widely used acquisition vehicle in the federal government, the General Services Administration (GSA) Information Technology (IT) Schedule 70 contract features fast, streamlined ordering procedures for federal agencies to access and purchase services. Services available through Sierra7’s GSA Schedule 70 include:

SIN 132-51
Information Technology
Professional Services

  • IT Facility Operation and Maintenance

  • IT Systems Development Services

  • IT Systems Analysis Services

  • Automated Information Systems Design and Integration Services

  • Programming Services

  • IT Backup and Security Services

  • IT Data Conversion Services

  • Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) Services

  • IT Network Management Services

  • Creation/Retrieval of IT Related Automated News Services, Data Services, or Other Information Services

SIN 132-56
Healthcare IT
Professional Services

  • Innovative Health IT Solutions

  • Health Informatics

  • Connected Health

  • Health Information Exchanges

  • Health Analytics

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)

  • Emerging Health IT Research

  • Personal Health Information Management (PHI)

  • Other Health IT Services

Contract Type: IDIQ
Contract Period: February 24, 2014 – February 25, 2019
Sponsor: General Services Administration
Contract Number: GS-35F-235BA
Contact Form: Found here

Sierra7, Inc.
DUNS: 832644186
Cage: 5SUJ1