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Client Case Studies

We are committed to delivering excellence and meaningful results across our solution areas. We respond to our client’s unique challenges by leveraging our expertise and organizational processes to develop and deploy solutions that enable our clients to achieve their mission. Check out our Case Studies below to learn more about how Sierra7 makes our client’s mission our mission every day.

Deploying DevSecOps to Ensure Critical VA Processes Deliver for Veterans

As VA works to deliver cutting-edge services to Veterans, they needed an experienced and proven partner to maintain and grow the footprint of their open-source technologies and applications. They selected Sierra7 to provide software development, enhancement, security, and deployment support to enable their applications to reach more users across VA.

Sierra7 was ready to meet the challenge and began working with essential VA application owners and users to define the way forward. Today, Sierra7 is implementing a Development, Security, and Operations (DevSecOps) approach to release updates, conduct security testing, and ensure that VA applications are equipped to deliver to users in the field. As they develop and maintain VA’s critical applications, Sierra7 is also bringing years of industry expertise to prepare and support VA as they begin to transition their information technology to a cloud-based infrastructure.

The impact of open-source technologies and applications has already been realized by Veterans who rely on VA for critical benefits and services. Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, VA used automated workflows to provide real-time healthcare and current events updates to Veterans. When historic hurricanes made landfall in Texas and Florida, VA used digitized processes to deploy relief efforts to specific populations when they needed it most. As VA continues their technology transformation journey, and as users across VA realize the benefits of digital applications, open-source technology, and cloud-based infrastructure, Sierra7 will continue to serve as a reliable and trusted partner of VA to serve Veterans.

Implementing Solutions to Secure Veteran’s Health Information and Medical Devices

As VA accelerates towards automated medical records, clinical systems, and medical imaging, protecting their patient’s information and securing their IT infrastructure has become a higher priority and a more daunting challenge. Patients’ personal health information and Internet-connected medical devices are increasingly vulnerable to security breaches and cyber-attacks that could impact the security of the information and effectiveness of devices with possible fatal consequences. As result, VA partnered with Sierra7 to deploy and implement a solution to secure medical and non-medical devices using network security management applications and existing network capabilities. Sierra7 was ready to respond to this challenge, leveraging our industry partnerships and VA expertise to rapidly identify and implement an effective solution.

Sierra7 has gone above and beyond to tailor security solutions to the modern needs of VA by routinely running security, usability, and performance tests. In addition to deploying the required infrastructure on-site, Sierra7 supports each VA facility and their team through live and pre-recorded trainings that empower them to operate the tools as soon as possible.

A trusted partner of VA, Sierra7 maintains an adaptable implementation schedule and approach to meet the needs of every Veteran. As the COVID-19 Pandemic strained healthcare facilities, Sierra7 proactively adjusted their implementation schedule to prioritize VA vaccination sites to secure their freezer and storage infrastructure for the COVID-19 vaccine. Sierra7 continues to implement cutting edge security solutions and applications across VA every day to secure VA’s medical endpoints and Veteran patients.

Providing Critical Data Analytics to Improve VA Acquisitions

Across VA, healthcare and business programs were pursuing individual and disparate approaches to analyzing critical performance and operations data. VA needed a comprehensive and uniform approach to collect and analyze acquisition data throughout the acquisition life cycle and partnered with consulting and analytics expert, Sierra7, to get it done.

Sierra7 began by evaluating VA’s existing processes to collect and exchange business data. Relying on their expertise and research, Sierra7 developed tailored requirements and processes to ensure improved transparency, accountability, and accuracy in VA’s acquisition data collection and evaluation processes. Sierra7 continues to support acquisition professionals across VA by fulfilling high priority help desk tickets and providing metrics to stakeholders while empowering teams to use their processes to report meaningful metrics in real-time.

A trusted partner of VA, Sierra7’s consulting and analytic services are distinguishing VA’s business programs as a leader in data collection and analysis. By leveraging our years of experience and applying an Agile approach, we have modernized the exchange of information between VA and their stakeholders. We continue to incorporate emerging technology and updates to VA’s portfolio of systems, programs, and applications to ensure that VA’s capabilities continue to evolve with their needs to support the mission.