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Our Leadership Programs

We are passionate about contributing to the growth and development of our people. Through our Veteran Leadership Program and Innovation Champion Network, we provide our team members with the tools and resources they need to be successful at Sierra7 and in life.

Veteran Leadership Program

Our internal leadership program for Veterans provides mentorship and dedicated resources to empower Veterans to continue serving as a part of Team Sierra7. Our comprehensive program enables our Veteran team members who transitioning from the service or otherwise, to develop the skills and connections they need to succeed at Sierra7 through virtual learning, mentorship, and social collaboration.

Why Do We Invest In Our Veterans?


Giving Veterans opportunities to grow demonstrates the company’s investment in their future and shows they are valued contributors to our mission. This helps ignite passion in their work and lets them know that we are proud of their service.

Increase Social Confidence

Helping Veterans develop valuable skills empowers them to think holistically about how their work continues to make a difference in the lives of others.

Improve Performance

By committing to the professional growth and development of our Veteran team members, we are providing the skills they need to be successful and deliver quality work to our clients.

Build Resilience in Times of Change

In today’s world, change is all around us. Providing our Veteran team members with the tools and know-how to understand and navigate times of transition is at the core of our program. Building this perspective ensures each team member can effectively transition to their new role as a member of Team Sierra7.

Virtual Learning, Mentorship,
& Social Collaboration

“Veterans are pivotal in aligning who we are with how we grow and differentiate ourselves in the marketplace.”

Our Veteran Leadership Program is designed to provide quality resources and tools to empower Veterans to own their personal and professional growth, elevate their confidence and organizational influence, and enable them to embrace their role as future leaders of Sierra7.

Innovation at Sierra7 – Champion Network

At Sierra7, we believe in innovation and encourage our team members to give life to their innovative ideas

Our Champion Network is an internal program that recognizes and rewards employees who are driving innovation through their work. We believe that every team member contributes to our growth and success as a company. Our Champion Network builds on that belief and empowers all team members to be innovative in their client delivery.

Innovation Champion Network Life Cycle

1. Promote Employees to collaborate. 2. Capture and manage ideas. 3. Define criteria and identify best ideas. 4. Sponsorships. 5. Showcase Ideas. 6. Recognize and reward.

Questions About Careers?