Records Management

Sierra7 has a reputation for excellence in building systems required to provide highly accurate and efficient citizen services from health care coverage to retirement benefits to visas and citizenship.

Our records management experts understand how to align people, processes, and technology to be able to handle millions of disparate records, improve cycle times, reduce errors, and improve citizen satisfaction. Our experience spans the highly technical expertise required to process patent applications to the high stakes security of screening visa applicants before they enter the U.S.

Complete Support

Sierra7 provides full life-cycle support for document conversion, digital mail, and records management required for large-scale programs and complying with all applicable regulations. We have helped the government transition from paper-based to digital records, and developed electronic case management systems to provide pre-adjudication support and fraud detection.

Our lifecycle records management approach assesses the value of information, how long data should be retained, and in what format and device information should be stored in given it’s value.

Our Experience in Records Management Spans:

  • Analytical support services

  • Applications processing

  • Background searches

  • Call center support

  • Document & biometric scanning

  • Electronic/physical records management

  • Facial recognition & fraud detection

  • Finance & Accounting Auditing

  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Response

  • Large volume case-file processing

  • Mail Management

  • Pre-adjudication

  • Secure file destruction

  • Secure identity card production

  • Storing and shipping of documents

  • Translation & interpreter support

  • Quality control audits

To learn more about our records management services and capabilities, we encourage you to contact us via our web form or give us a call at 703-719-8189.