Healthcare Management

Sierra7 is an innovative non-clinical services partner for healthcare information management and operations.

We have a breadth of expertise and knowledge in partnering with healthcare organizations across the United States. By applying our holistic approach to medical revenue cycles services, we are able to introduce best practices and innovations to lower cost, improve outcomes and enable focus for our clients on core business objectives and clinical excellence.

Comprehensive Expertise

We draw upon our wide network of businesses and service models to:

  • Deliver complex, critical services in an assured way by reengineering pathways and systems to break down silos and deliver integration among services

  • Bring specialist skills, knowledge and experience to design services that maximize outcomes for the end user—“The Patient”

  • Align system incentives to client objectives, guaranteeing service quality, performance and financial savings

  • Invest capital in tools, technology, resources and people to introduce transformational delivery models

Sierra7 is committed to enabling our Healthcare partners to achieve their clinical goals and strategic objectives through, integration, centralization, and standardization of non-clinical support services. By providing Technology Enabled Managed Services on critical and complex programs around the world, we are well-positioned to provide a broad range of services under a unified management team.

To learn more about our operations and maintenance services and capabilities, we encourage you to contact us via our web form or give us a call at 703-719-8189.