Clients & Contracts


Sierra7 serves a wide range of government clients, including:


Department of Veterans Affairs

The Department of Veterans Affairs awarded Sierra7, Inc. as a prime contractor to the Integrated Healthcare Transformation (IHT) contract. IHT is an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract, valued at $1 Billion over ten years. The Sierra7 team provides the Veterans Health Administration an extended list of services, which include:

Health System Transformation and Innovation

  • Program and Project Management

  • Business Requirements Development

  • Strategic Planning

  • Program Evaluation

  • Business Process Reengineering, Improvement and Management

  • Change Management and Transition

  • Quality Management

  • Strategic Communications and Executive Support

Healthcare Business Enabling Services

  • Medical Supply Chain and Healthcare Logistics Analysis

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Supply Chain Planning

  • Inventory Management and Operation

  • Supply Chain Optimization

  • Financial Management Modernization

  • Internal Financial Controls

  • Management and Operations

  • Research and Development Administration Support

  • Human Resources Support

  • Procurement Support to Program and Project Management (OCI clause)

  • Information, Privacy and Records Management

  • Revenue Operations

  • Value Based Healthcare Planning

Implementation and Operations Support

  • Studies and analyses

  • Data Governance

  • Performance Measurement

  • Training Development

  • Policy Research and Development

  • Policy Management

  • Advertising Services

  • Media Buying

  • Public Relations Services/Outreach

  • Healthcare Related Promotional Materials

  • Conference, Events, and Planning Services

  • Healthcare Related Promotional Materials

  • Video/Film Production

  • Graphics Design

Contract Type: IDIQ Multi Award (program ceiling of $1 billion)
Contract Period: April 1, 2020 – March 31, 2030 (base ordering period of 5 years)
Sponsor: Department of Veterans Affairs- Veterans Health Administration
Contract Number: 36C10X20D0005

Department of Veterans Affairs

The Department of Veterans Affairs awarded Sierra7, Inc. as a prime contractor for the Veteran Enterprise Contracting for Transformation and Operations Readiness (VECTOR) contract. VECTOR is an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract, valued at $25 Billion over ten years. Sierra7’s team of experts are uniquely positioned across four (4) Service Groups to provide VA stakeholders with our best-on-class solutions that solve VA’s critical challenges and support your most pressing needs. Sierra7’s services include:

SG 1 – Management and Improvement

  • Program and Project Management

  • Strategic Planning

  • Performance Measurement

  • Business Process Reengineering,

  • Improvement, and Management

  • Change Management and Transition

  • Quality Measurement

  • Data Governance

SG 2 – Analysis

  • Studies and Surveys

  • Statistical and Actuarial Analysis

  • Management Analysis

  • Records Information Management

  • Financial and Business Performance Auditing

SG 3 – Training Services

  • Training Development

  • Training Delivery

SG 6 – Human Resources and Staffing

  • Performance Development Planning

  • Human Resources Operations

  • Manpower Surveys

  • Collective Bargaining Analysis and Assessments

Contract Type: IDIQ Multi Award (program ceiling of $25 billion)
Contract Period: August 27, 2018 – August 26, 2028 (base ordering period of 5 years)
Sponsor: Department of Veterans Affairs
Contract Number: VA119A-17-D-0092
Contact Form: Found here

GSA Schedule 70

As the largest and most widely used acquisition vehicle in the federal government, the General Services Administration (GSA) Information Technology (IT) Schedule 70 contract features fast, streamlined ordering procedures for federal agencies to access and purchase services. Services available through Sierra7’s GSA Schedule 70 include:

SIN 132-51
Information Technology
Professional Services

  • IT Facility Operation and Maintenance

  • IT Systems Development Services

  • IT Systems Analysis Services

  • Automated Information Systems Design and Integration Services

  • Programming Services

  • IT Backup and Security Services

  • IT Data Conversion Services

  • Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) Services

  • IT Network Management Services

  • Creation/Retrieval of IT Related Automated News Services, Data Services, or Other Information Services

SIN 132-56
Healthcare IT
Professional Services

  • Innovative Health IT Solutions

  • Health Informatics

  • Connected Health

  • Health Information Exchanges

  • Health Analytics

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)

  • Emerging Health IT Research

  • Personal Health Information Management (PHI)

  • Other Health IT Services

Contract Type: IDIQ
Contract Period: February 24, 2014 – February 25, 2019
Sponsor: General Services Administration
Contract Number: GS-35F-235BA
Contact Form: Found here

Transformation Twenty One Total Technology (T4) Next Generation (NG)


T4NG replaced the original T4 multiple award contract. With an anticipated ceiling value of approximately $22.3 billion, T4NG is the largest IDIQ IT contract awarded out of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

IT Needs for Veterans

The contract allows Sierra7 to provide the VA and its employees an avenue to offer veterans, worldwide, the means to quickly access the Department for their specific IT needs, expedite service delivery, and improve filing and speed of processing claims. The T4NG contract is designed to provide a total information technology overhaul for VA organizations, including planning and management, cybersecurity, software, hardware, engineering, design, and support for the department’s global enterprise network.

Corporate Point of Contact

Dan Herlihy
Director of Strategy and Growth

GSA Veterans Technology Services 2 (VETS 2) Governmentwide Acquisition Contract (GWAC)


VETS2 Website

Sierra7, Inc. is proud to be one of the nation’s select Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB) participating in the U.S. General Services Administration's (GSA) Veterans Technology Services 2 (VETS2) Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC).

With the VETS 2 GWAC, Sierra7 is capable of offering you our expertise with technology products and services rapidly and effectively. Sierra7 specializes in Business Process Optimization, Enterprise Solutions, and Technology Integration. We appreciate you taking a moment to look over our site and would love to help you with your needs.

Features and Benefits of GSA VETS 2 GWAC

  • GSA Vets GWAC is a Pre-competed contract that is easy to use

  • Short procurement lead time

  • Offers flexibility of contract types to mitigate risk

  • Facilitates integrated IT solutions

  • Pre-competed, easy-to-use contract with streamlined ordering procedures based on FAR 16.505

  • Complimentary scope compatibility reviews

  • Enables federal clients to earn SDVO small business credit

  • Saves time and money by reducing procurement lead time

  • Compliance with Section 843 of the National Defense Authorization Act (N DAA) of 2008 and Section 863 of NDAA 2009

  • No protests on orders under $10M, except on the grounds that the order increases the scope, period, or maximum value of the GWAC

  • FAR 16.505 Fair Opportunity process supports best value awards

Corporate Points of Contact

Roy Jones Jr.
VP of Contracts

Contract Information

Master Contract Number: 47QTCH18D0023
Contractor DUNS number: 832644186
Contractor CAGE Code: 5SUJ1

Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP V) Contract


Sierra7, Inc. is proud to support all federal agencies, the Department of Defense (DoD), and their authorized contractors as a prime contract holder of the Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement Contract (SEWP V). SEWP V is a Governmentwide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) providing federal agencies and their authorized contractors with IT products and product-related services. Sierra7 is pleased to offer innovative IT solutions in conjunction with a variety of manufacturers via SEWP V.

SEWP V Offers IT Products & Services You Need

Information Technology

  • Computer Software, Tablets

  • Hardware

  • Storage

  • Security

Supporting Technology

  • Scanners, Printers, Copiers, Shredders

  • Associated Supplies & Accessories

  • Sensors

  • Health IT

Software & Cloud

  • Software

  • Virtualization & Cloud Computing

  • XaaS (e.g. SaaS=Storage as a Service)

A/V & Conferencing

  • A/V Equipment & Accessories

  • TVs, Display Monitors, Projectors & Screens

Networking & Communications

  • Network Appliances: Routers, Modems

  • Telecommunication Devices & Monthly Service


  • Maintenance / Warranty

  • Site Planning / Installation

  • Product Based Training

  • Product Based Engineering Services

The Advantages of SEWP V

  • Pre-Competed Contract—no need for "three quotes"

  • Low 0.34% Contract Fee for government agencies

  • No Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR) required

  • Professional services related to product integration, installation and training

SEWP V is Easy to Use

To submit Requests for Quote (RFQ), Requests for Information (RFI), & Market Research Requests (MRR), the recommended method is using the SEWP Quote Request Tool (QRT) available on the SEWP website Use of this tool assists in providing and documenting Fair Opportunity, and verifying and assuring items quoted are on contract and properly priced. For further instructions, refer to the Ordering Process guide on the SEWP website.

End User or Contracting Officer:

  1. Determines Best Value Through Market Research

  2. Creates Delivery Order (DO)—Cites NASA SEWP Contract Number and Prime Vendor

  3. Sends order with cover sheet to NASA SEWP Portal, either by fax to 301-286-0317, or via email to A SEWP Fax Coversheet or simliar should accompany all DOs

  4. Sends Order to NASA SEWP Portal online:


  1. Verifies Order

  2. Forwards Valid Orders to the Appropriate Contract Holder

  3. Process time usually less than 1 business day through SEWP Portal

SEWP Vendor:

  1. Processes Order

  2. Delivers Equipment and Services

  3. Invoices Agency or Contractor

The Order Bundle Must Include the Following:

  1. Delivery Order (any valid Government DO is allowed)

  2. Low 0.34% Contract Fee for government agencies

  3. Quote from a SEWP Contract Holder verifying the viability of the order

  4. SEWP Fair Opportunity Form for orders over $5 Million

If modifications are made to any order, they must also route through the SEWP Portal.

The NASA SEWP V GWAC adheres to FAR 16.505(b) (1) Fair Opportunity, which provides that each contractor shall be given fair opportunity to be considered for each order exceeding $3,000 and issued under multiple award contracts. The FAR states that the method to obtain fair opportunity is at the discretion of the CO and that the CO must document the rationale for placement and price of each order. Using the SEWP online Quote Request Tool is the recommended method to assist in this activity and to augment the required decision documentation. The SEWP QRT tool will automatically include the Contract Holders within a selected Group or based on a suggested source. NOTE: Fair Opportunity to all Contract Holders within one or more SEWP Groups is required. There is no requirement to obtain 3 quotes as long as all Contract Holders within a Group were provided opportunity to provide a quote.

Program Manager

Mary Richard

Deputy Program Manager

Steve Gosewehr
Program Manager

Contract Information

Contract # NNG15SD78B
Vendor Name: Sierra7, Inc.
Group C, Small Business Set-Aside
Small Business / SDVOSB

PoP: May 1, 2015 to April 30, 2025.

SEWP Program Management Office (PMO)

10210 Greenbelt Road

Suite #200

Lanham, MD 20706

Phone: (301)286-1478

Fax: (301)286-0317

Chief Information Officer-Solutions and Partners 3 (CIO-SP3)








The Federal Government is committed to changing its business processes to achieve a world-class standard of excellence. This is being accomplished by adopting best business practices and the latest technology to create a more efficient, citizen-centered Federal Government.

Payment Terms

Sierra7, Inc. requires all payments to be made within 30 calendar days of receipt of invoice unless prior arrangements have been made and approved by the Chief Financial Officer. Sierra7 will remit payment for all invoices received within 30 calendar days unless arrangements have been made to extend payment terms and have been approved by authorized personnel with the associated vendor.

Corporate Points of Contact

Steve Gosewehr – Primary
Program Manager

Roy Jones Jr – Secondary
Deputy Program Manager

Sierra7, Inc.
DUNS: 832644186
Cage: 5SUJ1